Our Story

Sugar Spice and All Things Nice

Our tryst with the restaurant business was a result of our need to survive. In 2003, when we moved into Port Blair from the mainland, we found a scarcity of good vegetarian restaurants. And with the only vegetarian restaurant having a south Indian tinge to it, we did face quite a problem.

But with necessity came the need for intervention. What had begun as an idea to start a department super mart, transformed into the first pure vegetarian restaurant in Port Blair. Icy Spicy. First came hesitancy, then came trial and at last came acceptance. People soon started frequenting our restaurant. In 2007 we had a small sweet shop set up at the back which soon became a crowd puller, especially during the festivals. Now our sweets are considered to be the best in Port Blair, with all Indian varieties of sweets available.

And the rest as you know is history. Or for us the present. Today Icy Spicy is a professionally run restaurant that has retained its good old values and a drive to deliver quality. Even with the mainland being about thousand miles away, we pride ourselves on maintaining our standards. And of course giving all our diners great food that they can they would like to return for.

In the future, we see ourselves expanding to the other islands, recreating the same dining experience wherever we went. For what began as a venture to survive has turned into a love for food. And ensuring that all who come to Andamans experience to the fullest the Andaman hospitality.

On a little footnote we would like to add that Icy Spicy may not be very easy to find initially. But we assure you that we will make the search worth your while. So drop in anytime for a bite or an elaborate meal!

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